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Samsung Galaxy A6 - 32GB - Black (Unlocked to all Networks)

Size: 32GB

Price: £178.00

(There are 10 Available)

Samsung Galaxy A6 - 32GB - Black Top features: - Super AMOLED display delivers amazing visuals - 16 MP camera snaps superb selfies - Immersive audio with Dolby Atmos - Comfortable design for a natural grip Super AMOLED display The Samsung Galaxy A6 is designed with an eye-catching super AMOLED Display. It is perfect for catching up on your favorite TV shows, playing games, scrolling through your social apps or simply sending a good old fashioned text message... with colourful emojis. 16 MP camera With a 16MP camera on the front and back of the Galaxy A6, you'll always get brilliant high resolution photos no matter what you're snapping. And as there's an LED flash on both sides too, your selfies will always look great – even in low light conditions. Speaking of selfies, the Galaxy A6 has a selection of Selfie Stickers so you can fun add touches and effects to your pics. So strike a pose, pick a colourful backdrop, upload it online and watch the likes roll in. Immersive audio The Samsung Galaxy A6 comes with high quality Dolby Atmos sound. So whether you're listening to an engrossing podcast, streaming a show or just relaxing with a playlist you get an immersive, audio experience – especially when you listen with headphones. Comfortable design Expertly designed the Galaxy A6 is a smartphone that looks the part and is comfortable to hold too. Just pick up your A6, and your finger will naturally touch the fingerprint scanner and it'll be ready to use.